Unique Features

"We Sun Arch Industries are manufacturing a concept selling uPVC Roof Sheet which is the fourth generation product of roofing which help to sustain the temprature fluctuation due to global warming."

Chemical Corrosion Resistance

Our uPVC Roofing Material is an actively amazing and worth the deal component one should ever use for different purposes as required and needed. Since it has the ability not to sacrifice its stability and durability when coming in contact with any high-grade chemical, and that’s what makes it super anti-chemical corrosion resistant material by far to be used effortlessly.

Heat Insulation

One of the best benefits you will observe by using our uPVC Roofing Material is – It is a great heat insulation material. No matter how largely it gets in touch with ultra-violet sun rays and other harmful lights; however, it can manage to confront and prevent itself without getting damaged. Our product has this dynamics, making it much more likely to be preferred and used for many purposes at the same time.

Sound Insulation

It pisses one off when it comes to hearing unnecessary sounds coming out from the roof-top. Keeping this factor in our mind, we introduced our dynamic sound-proof uPVC material that has the ability to bear external sounds and noise and make itself a more convenient and useful uPVC Roofing Material at large.

Fire Retardant

Have you ever come across any material that has the ability to reduce the spread of fire or in many cases, its intensity to the fullest? If not, then it’s high time to share that our uPVC Roofing Material has the ability to do so. It is the best fire retardant component that can reduce flammability or delay the combustion in any extreme cases.


Our uPVC Roofing Material comes with super strength. It is unbreakable material you will ever get for your usage. It is one of the most useful as well as effective materials that has the potential to bear any load of weight, giving you a leverage you need so far. That’s how it has become a very safe and easy to use roofing material upon requirement!

Co-Extrusion Machinery to give the product their own features and the organically combined to make a new generation of heat insulation uPVC sheet to solve the product durability, corrosion resistance, a sense of space and aesthetics issues.

Top PVC Layer

The top-most PVC Layer works as a high-grade material, giving a complete strength and stability to the component. Furthermore, it can also manage to block ultra-violet sun rays more efficiently, and that’s how it provides this entire component an amazing durability that last long at the same time.

Middle PVC Layer

This part has uPVC compound present, along with carbon fiber. It makes the component highly non-conductive and rigid by far; making the component used rigorously used in many sensitive areas because of the fact – It has the ability to bear electrostatic charges to the greatest degree possible, too!

Bottom PVC Layer

This portion comes with higher level of durability and strength. The best part of everything – Because of the bottom layer, the life expectancy of the component gets increased, making it one of the most preferred materials all the while!