A Word About Us

Welcome To Sun Arch Industries

It has given us an immense pride to introduce to you “SUN-ARCH UPVC ROOFING SHEET”, that is a practical, modern, evergreen, long-life as well as cost effective solution, has been used mainly in Industrial Construction for Industrial Shedds, Factories, Chemical & Pharmacy Applications, Corporate Projects, Warehouses, Farms & Farm Storage, Parking Lots, Public Utility Places like Railway Stations, etc.

The UPVC (Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) has been the best replacement when it comes to Asbestos, Metal G.I Sheets, and other PVC Sheets because of the fact – It has Heat Insulation, Sound Insulation, Water Resistance, Chemical & Alkali Resistance, and Corrosion Proof & Fire Retardant Properties.

Our UPVC Roofing Sheet is Eco-Friendly, Easy to Install & Move.

With that being said – Our product has received number of international certificates just for its greatness and the ease it provides!

Apart from numerous benefits it serves, the best salient feature and property it has is Heat Insulation that is up to 40% (Highly energy efficient as per ECBC 2007).

Moreover, it can withstand high temperature effortlessly.

We have supplied UPVC to many reputed business houses and firms, including factories in India and received acceptable appreciation for the innovation we have brought so far.

In saying so – We would like you to use our product that comes with a lot of benefits, which is further useful, and has long life expectancy as well as Eco-Friendly at large.

History of UPVC

We are pleased to share the history of Sun-Arch UPVC Material that includes product category, along with unique features as below:

    • UPVC is based on the Polyvinyl Chloride Polymer; however, in order to make it work as a Roof, there are many additives as well as stabilizers used!
    • The special heat as well as UV Stabilizer Additives plays an essential part in PVC Formulation that is further destined in manufacturing UPVC Roof Sheet.
    • The first PVC Material product was being pipes, which was introduced in early 70’s in Germany. The material was then introduced in India around 1980.
    • That’s when a second product of UPVC Material as Window & Doors was introduced in early 80’s in United Kingdom and Germany. And, then the product came into Indian Market around 1990-1991.
    • All the while, a third product of UPVC Material came as Roof, introduced in Asian Market around 20-25 years back, and then it was introduced in India around 2009!
    • Since then, we have been the pioneer manufacturer of UPVC Roofing Sheet.
    • We at Sun-Arch Industries possess high-level vision, aiming to help industries as well as factories which require our product!
    • That’s how we have high regards when it comes to Indian Market as well!
    • The UPVC Roofing Sheet is a very good material and used in almost every industry and has been a substitute for Metal Roof in order to avoid Weather as well as Chemical Corrosion at the same time.
    • Sun-Arch UPVC Roofing Sheet is the best option for Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries.